Custom Made Wedding Dress ~ Find out what's involved
The special process of having your wedding dress custom made. Get treated like a queen by a professional trained seamstress and enjoy designing your own wedding dress. Cambridge, UK.
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The Custom Made Wedding Dress

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Custom Made Wedding Dress

The process of having a custom made wedding dress or bespoke evening dress is a wonderful experience and very different to a ready-to-wear bridal boutique. The first custom made wedding dress consultation with River Elliot Bridal is always free, with no obligations. It takes place in Cambridge and starts with an informal friendly chat about your initial idea using inspiration pictures or internet links that you can send me in advance or bring to the meeting. The first consultation about your custom made wedding dress takes up to 60 minutes.

During the consultation we can look at fabric swatches so that I can get a better idea of the cost of your final dress. We’ll discuss many important aspects such as your personal style, what kind of fabrics and colours best suit you, your overall vision of how you imagine the dress will look, as well as what’s important to you; such as comfort, length and skin coverage. All these elements will combine to make you feel confident in yourself and to ensure that your final custom made dress will make you feel completely wonderful on your special day.

My expertise in style has been quoted in OK! Online, The Daily Express and The Daily Mail. When you choose me to design and create your custom made wedding dress, you will be choosing a professional who will ensure the very best style and design for you.

Your wedding dress pattern
Wedding Dress Design and Cost

The next stage is the overall design of your custom made wedding dress using sketches, images and fabric swatches. This will also allow me to formulate a final quote of how much your custom made dress will cost including chosen materials.

Bespoke prices at River Elliot Bridal start at £1200 plus fabrics and other materials. On average custom made wedding dresses can cost from £1600 – £2500 depending on design and fabric. Any changes are always run by the client and costs are kept to a minimum at all times. The final cost will include the labour which is the design, pattern making and construction of your truly unique bespoke wedding dress plus fabric costs. Your wedding dress will be one of a kind and not replicated in any way for anyone else.

Once the cost and quote has been agreed I will then schedule production in my studio in Cambridge and start making the pattern for your dress. This is not final and minor tweaks and adjustments can be made during the fitting sessions. Over the whole process, you’ll begin to see your idea transformed into a real dress, understanding how a custom made wedding dress service ensures your garment is tailor-made to your figure, style and preferences. At the end, you’ll have a dress that’s truly unique to you, incorporating your own vision and design not to mention a dress that fits your body perfectly.

Wedding Dress Fitting

To ensure the garment fits and is what you envisioned, a toile of your custom made wedding dress is constructed. A toile is a dummy version of the dress made in either calico or muslin fabric. It will allow me to assess fit and style and make any final changes to the design, as well as lets you visualise what your dress will look like. This stage also allows us to review the fabric choices to make sure they will work with the final garment’s design.

The Final Dress

After we have completed the fitting stage and both fabric and style have been finalised, I will start the proper construction of your final custom made dress. This is where the magic happens! I am trained in couture techniques and these will be applied with individual care and skill to your beautiful garment.

Depending on style and required technique, our production of bridal wear can take from 3-6 months to complete.

For more detailed answers about various stages of the custom made process, you can also read my blog post called ‘All Your Questions Answered About Bespoke Wedding Dresses‘.