Evening Wear & Formal Attire ~ River Elliot Bridal ~ Cambridge
We design and make beautiful bespoke evening dresses for any occasion. From mother-of-the-bride to black tie we will create your vision and style. Based in Cambridge UK.
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Evening Wear

Portrait of young smiling beautiful woman in dress
Evening Wear

Evening wear can take on various styles, from the ‘Little Black Dress’ to chic tailored trouser suits. However, the sign of the perfect dress or outfit is how well it fits you. You may buy the most expensive outfit, but if it doesn’t fit or flatter your shape, you will feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. With bespoke garments, you get to have input in the overall style and finish of your desired evening wear. Your evening dress or outfit will flatter your whole body so that first and foremost, you feel comfortable and beautiful at your special occasion. From cocktail dresses to jumpsuits, I can design and make evening wear that you will keep and wear forever.

Mother of the bride adjusts her daughter’s veil on her wedding day.  Beautiful, African American women, smiling while getting the daughter ready for her wedding.
VIP Wedding Guest
As a VIP wedding guest, you have a very important and special role to play on the wedding day. So, it’s no surprise you may feel a little overwhelmed and anxious when thinking about your own outfit and where or how to start looking for an outfit. By choosing to have your VIP Wedding Guest dress or outfit custom made, you’ll be able to minimise your stress and let me take care of you. We’ll sit over a nice cup of tea or coffee and discuss exactly how you want to feel and look on the day. No matter what shape and size you are, you deserve to feel special as you attend an important wedding day. And, if you don’t like or don’t want to wear a dress that’s more than okay – there are sophisticated options such as trouser suits, jumpsuits, long tunics, trouser-dress hybrids that will work just as well. Let’s have a chat and put those worries at ease so that you can focus on helping the wedding day preparations.
This service is perfect for, but not limited to, a mother of the bride (or groom) and all other important wedding roles outside of the main wedding party. It is available to all gender identities, so please do not hesitate to contact me. My wedding studio is a safe and private space available to all.
Woman in a long red dress, she is near the gate of an ancient castle.
My professional dressmaking services also include making bespoke reproduction garments and costumes for Cosplay and historical reconstruction events. I love working with clients looking for authentic looking costumes, taking the time to research colours, fabrics, styles and sewing techniques used in specific periods. By choosing my custom-made services you will receive an authentic-looking period costume which is incredibly well-made and high-quality ensuring your garment lasts a very long time. Whether your interest is Victorian or even Sci-fi, please contact me to discuss your requirements.