Prom Dresses and Attire ~ River Elliot Bridal ~ Cambridge
Stand out from the crowd at your prom. River Elliot Bridal designs and makes unique custom prom dresses that are unlike anything else. Based in Cambridge UK.
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Custom Made Prom Dresses and Prom Attire

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Prom Dresses

River Elliot Bridal also specialises in custom made prom dresses and attire. Our design expertise means that we can create unique, modern prom outfits perfect for that special moment in a young person’s life. Whether you are looking for a traditional prom dress or something contemporary, we can work with you using sketches and inspirational images. Designer, Clare Szabo, has a great sense of style and understanding of the latest fashion trends in both street and formal wear. From sequins to satin, silk to tulle as well as ethical materials, Clare will create the definitive modern prom dress or prom outfit, which will be as unique and individual as you are.

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Unique Prom Attire

Prom dresses and prom outfits have certainly evolved from the traditional satin ball gown style. Now, more modern dresses and outfits are worn to mark this very special moment. At River Elliot Bridal, all styles and tastes are welcome. From sequin dresses to modern silk jumpsuits and suits, our range of prom dresses and outfits are designed with the young, modern person in mind. Clare Szabo’s expertise in fit means all shapes and sizes are welcome too. At River Elliot Bridal in Cambridge we do not discriminate or body shame, and strive to make every client feel confident and beautiful. Everyone deserves to feel amazing at their prom, and we will ensure you get the perfect fitting outfit for you. There’s no talk of diets or weight loss here; we work with your body because it’s amazing.

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A Special Gift

Having your prom or ball dress custom made is a very special gift for any young person. During the process, they will feel important, listened to and excited about embarking on a special journey. They’ll be measured with the upmost sensitivity and be able to voice any concerns they have about the design and materials like any other client. They’ll also experience fitting sessions where they can begin to visualise what their prom dress, or formal outfit¬† will look like. It’s a lovely experience at an important time in their lives.