Ethical Wedding Dresses & Attire ~ River Elliot Bridal ~ Cambridge
River Elliot Bridal specialises in eco-friendly ethical wedding and evening dresses that are made using sustainable, organic and cruelty-free materials. Based in Cambridge UK.
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Ethical Wedding Dresses and Bridal Wear

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River Elliot Bridal Wedding Dress.
Ethical Wedding Dresses

At River Elliot Bridal, I offer couples the choice of ethical wedding dresses and bridal wear because I am incredibly passionate about the environment and sustainability. The fashion and textile industries are responsible for a significant amount of pollution, and the bridal industry is no exception. Aside from the sheer waste and cost involved in the average wedding, bridal fashion often includes cheap, synthetic materials which have caused an incredible amount of damage and pollution during their production. For example, cotton farming requires vast amounts of water and pesticides while synthetic and polyester fabrics use fossil fuels, which have an extremely high carbon footprint not to mention a very long landfill life.

Conventional silk fabrics, most often used in bridal wear, have a lower environmental impact yet still involve processing methods that include chemicals and synthetic substances. Conventional silk farming is also cruel as the silk moths are killed while in their cocoons.

Therefore, I always strive to reduce my environmental impact particularly in my job as a bridal dressmaker and designer. My wedding studio is based in Cambridge, UK and I would love to meet wedding couples who are looking for more eco-friendly options in their bridal wear.

The Eco Wedding Dress

I love designing beautiful, stylish wedding dresses and bridal wear that not only look luxurious and high-quality, but also are part of the fashion revolution to be more mindful about the impact on people and the environment. As a result of my beliefs, I am really proud to offer an option for eco-friendly wedding dresses and bridal wear that are made using sustainable and cruelty-free materials. In my latest collection, the Elliot Slip Dress is an ethical and cruelty free wedding dress perfect for brides looking for that minimal, chic style. For more insight about how to make your wedding ethical, you can read my guide to Ethical Wedding Dresses which has been featured on Magpie Wedding’s blog as well as ‘Vintage dresses and local flowers: How to have an ethical wedding” as featured in The Metro.

If you’re an eco-conscious fashionista and/or vegan spouse-to-be looking for an ethical wedding dress or bridal wear that is in keeping with your values, I can help you not only design a wonderful dress or garment but also source the right materials that are kinder and more sustainable. In my wedding studio in Cambridge, I have a beautiful collection of ethical and sustainable fabric swatches that you are welcome to look at and touch. From glorious hemp silks to organic ‘peace’ satins, you are sure to find something you love. I also have access to authentic British and European-made lace. The high quality and traditional manufacturing ensures that you are wearing a more conscious material with a much lower carbon footprint.

The Elliot Slip Dress
Eco Fabrics

I have good relationships with ethical fabric suppliers based in the UK, Europe and overseas, which means I am able to source a wide range of beautiful and innovative fabrics perfect for bridal attire. My current fabrics include organic and non-violent peace silks and silk satins, hemp based silks, organic cotton knitted lace, however, I am always looking for new fabrics that can offer more sustainable and ethical credentials. Currently, I am in the midst of choosing alternative silk fabrics made from orange peel and rose petals as well as recycled polyester fabrics. I am also working with an expert in climate change who is assisting me on how best to offset my fabrics and materials including not only production but also shipping. 

The ethical fabrics that I use for wedding dresses feel high quality and luxurious, and are perfect for ethical bridal and evening wear. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a particular colour to match to your wedding colour theme, most ethical fabrics can be dyed using eco-friendly dyes. For more casual garments, I can source sustainable fabrics such as jersey and cotton, which are perfect for bespoke dresses, workwear and active wear.