Evening Dresses and Evening Attire ~ River Elliot Bridal ~ Cambridge
Stand out from the crowd in your beautiful, unique evening dress. Bespoke evening and formal dresses designed and made-to-order in Cambridge UK.
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Buy less, choose well, make it last

― Vivienne Westwood

Custom Evening & Formal Wear

Formal attire for black tie events and galas are not always easy to find. Often, if you buy ready-to-wear evening dresses and formal wear from conventional shops on the high-street, you may struggle to find the right fit and style. So many times, I have clients who contact me looking for special evening attire that they can treasure for years in their wardrobe. By choosing to have your evening attire custom made for you, you’ll remove all those negative thoughts about buying formal wear from a ready-to-wear shop: will it fit right? Is it flattering? Will I feel confident? Will someone else be wearing the same style? Do I feel like me? Instead, having your formal wear custom made means you’ll have everything you love and want in one garment, and you’ll have control over how it fits, and what parts of your body you want to define and flatter. What’s more, you’ll cherish your custom evening dress or formal wear forever and will wear it time and again for all those special occasions to come. Please click here if you’re looking for custom made prom attire or a VIP Wedding Guest outfit.

What’s involved?

The process for a custom made evening dress or attire is similar to my custom wedding services. I invite my clients to my wedding studio in Cambridge for an informal, friendly consultation (free and up to 60 minutes long) where we can chat about your event, style and what kind of clothes and formal wear you like to wear. We’ll look at fabric samples, sketches and internet images to get an initial idea of your evening dress or evening outfit. I will then compile and email you an estimate detailing labour and material costs. If you approve, we then begin the process of taking your measurements and finalising fabric choices. As per my custom made wedding dress and wedding attire, I construct a mock version of your evening wear in calico (called a toile) so that we can assess the fit and style of the design.

What does it cost?

My costs for custom made evening wear vary greatly depending on the style of garment and choice of fabrics. However, bespoke evening wear prices typically start at £500 plus materials. It’s helpful to remember that this cost includes your design as well as the couture construction of an evening outfit. You will receive an atelier-like experience where a beautiful evening dress or outfit will be made according to your full body measurements. Your evening dress or formal wear will fit you perfectly as it will be made for you, as opposed to a general shop size. It’s a wonderful experience and you’ll leave my service with your very own couture evening dress or evening attire.