Wedding Dress & Outfit Alterations ~ Cambridge ~ River Elliot Bridal
River Elliot Bridal offers a professional and expert service for wedding dress and bridal alterations as well as Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids dresses and bridal party outfits. Based in Cambridge, UK.
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Wedding Dress and Outfit Alterations

I offer professional Wedding Dress Alterations and Bridal Wear Alterations for all outfits in the wedding party. During your consultation at my studio in Cambridge (I can also travel for a small fee) I will take the time to listen to your concerns about your wedding dress or bridal outfit. We’ll discuss what doesn’t fit and why as well as discuss how I can alter and correct your dress or bridal outfit. I will also roughly estimate costs for your wedding dress and bridal alterations, so that you can decide whether you want to go forward with my service.


If you’re interested in my alterations service, the first step is to contact me via email or via my contact page. In your email please describe your wedding dress or bridal outfit and what kind of alterations you need. Any images you can attach to the email will also be really helpful. This will enable me to give a very rough estimate for the work that needs to be done. If the estimate is within your budget and time-frame, we can then schedule a consultation (the first consultation is always free and lasts up to 60 minutes). During the consultation, we will discuss in more detail your wedding dress or bridal alterations and I can measure your body in order to fit and alter your wedding outfit accordingly.


Following the consultation and your approval of the cost, I will then book you into my production schedule. We will arrange a date for a fitting in my studio in Cambridge (if needed and depending on the type of wedding dress alterations) so that I can check everything fits as required.

How Much Does it Cost?

With regard to cost, it’s very difficult to offer a flat figure as alterations differ for all outfits in the bridal party and every wedding dress or wedding outfit is different. However, typically my wedding dress and wedding outfit alterations service starts from £150. Please, note my costs are based on the time/labour it takes me to do your alterations rather than a specific job such as hems etc. This is because one wedding dress or outfit that needs its hem shortening may have several layers of fabric, whereas another dress or jumpsuit may just have two layers. Therefore, it’s impossible to give flat figures for wedding dress alterations until I see your dress or outfit in our consultation.


If you’re at all unsure about what would be involved in your wedding dress alterations, please don’t hesitate to contact me to arrange a friendly chat.

Previous wedding dress and bridal wear alterations. 
Gorgeous brides married in Cambridge

Beautiful brides Carla and Ruth. Carla’s wedding jumpsuit needed altering to improve fit on the bust and trouser length while Ruth’s wedding dress was altered on the back straps. They look so good! 

Kerry contacted me asking me to help her add a decorative feature to the front of the dress. I found a beautiful pearl and crystal waist trim, which was hand-sewed in place for precision.

Kerry contacted me asking me to help her add a decorative feature to the front of the dress. I found a beautiful pearl and crystal waist trim, which was hand-sewed in place for precision.

Wedding Dress Re-design Alteration

Wedding dress bodice re-design. Ruby didn’t like the high cowl neck on the front of her wedding dress, so I re-designed it to be a gathered, flattering bodice. She looked amazing!



Vintage Wedding Dress Alteration

Debbie came to me with her Mum’s 1960s wedding dress. I redesigned the back of the dress so that the zip would do up, added more ease to the thigh area and hemmed that amazing train to remove some of the stains. One of my favourite projects to work on.