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All you need to know about the black wedding dress from expert Clare Szabo at River Elliot Bridal, Cambridge.
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How to Wear Black Wedding Dresses

Are you getting married but the thought of wearing white or ivory just isn’t you? We have been hearing this so many times of late, with more and more modern brides looking for beautiful alternative wedding dresses. In our opinion black wedding dresses are on the verge of breaking the mould and becoming a mainstream alternative. You don’t have to be a rock n’roll bride to wear black on your wedding day. Sophisticated, classic and ultimately seductive, black wedding dresses are the modern alternative for anyone looking for that something different.

What style?

In terms of wedding dresses, you don’t have to stick to the renowned ‘little black dress’. Full, voluminous black wedding dresses with a symphony of tulle and lace can look wonderfully bridal – as long as they’re done right! Equally, if you’re turning to the colour black for your wedding dress because you want a more muted, classic dress to wear, then a slimmer silhouette is completely fine too. For inspiration, why not look at iconic designers such as Dior and Balenciaga who are some of the fashion industry’s masters at the black dress.

Black Lace Wedding Dress

Lace is one of the most romantic of bridal fabrics and black lace is no exception. Beautifully seductive, black lace offers a completely different take on the traditional lace wedding dress. In this photo, our Polly black wedding dress features an embellished black lace that is as subtle as it is daring. Wonderfully balanced with a plunging neck line and full blouson sleeves, it gives drama and sophistication in one beautiful dress.


River Elliot Bridal Wedding Dress.

Black taffeta and black lace wedding dress by River Elliot Bridal, Cambridge. (Photography: Camilla Andrea Photography)


This custom made wedding dress (designed and made in our Cambridge studio) also features an organic black taffeta skirt which has been pleated irregularly at the waist to create an interesting, full skirt that is modern and edgy. The black lace appliques have been cut and added to the skirt, emanating from the waist down to symbolise roots and shoots, growth and new life.


River Elliot Bridal, Cambridge.

Black taffeta and black lace wedding dress by River Elliot Bridal, Cambridge. (Photography: Camilla Andrea Photography)

Black Satin Wedding Dress

To keep your black wedding dress more minimal you may want to choose a black satin fabric. Satin in either a matt or shiny finish will give that special bridal feel as well as being more toned down. Certain satins with great drape can also be manipulated to create voluminous features such as a front bow on a this Balenciaga black dress.


Embed from Getty Images

Monotone black wedding dresses

If all black is too much for you, why not consider a monotone option combining both white/ivory with black. Thoughtful design can utilise black for areas you may want less attention on, such as your thigh/bottom while the lighter ivory keeps the look bridal. A great example is this Kelly Faetanini wedding dress, which has a ball gown silhouette and floor-length black feathered skirt. It offers soft elegance without looking too harsh. A great alternative for brides wishing to incorporate black into their wedding dress.


Embed from Getty Images

Wedding make up and hair

When choosing a black wedding dress, I would advise keeping your hair and make up as natural as possible. As black tends to be an evening dress option, brides will want to look more bridal rather than red carpet on their big day. In this photoshoot, stylists chose natural loose waves and make up with a stunning red lipstick for impact. The headpiece in this photo is by Fancy Bowtique Bridal Couture.


River Elliot Bridal black wedding dress.

Black lace wedding dress by River Elliot Bridal. (Photography: Camilla Andrea Photography)

The Jumpsuit Trend

One of the big 2019 bridal trends include the bridal jumpsuit and we think this is an exceptional way to wear black on your wedding day. From lace to velvet, a black jumpsuit would be one of the most chic styles to walk down the aisle in and is perfect for modern, city brides looking for minimal fuss but maximum style. For an ultra bridal take on the jumpsuit, just check out this lace ensemble with stunning cape.


Embed from Getty Images


So, would you wear black for your wedding day? What do you think would be a problem with a black wedding dress? Let us know your thoughts!

And, if you’d like more information on the Polly black wedding dress featured in this post, please contact us or book a consultation to try on the dress in our studio in Cambridge.

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