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All you need to know about having your wedding dress custom made by River Elliot Bridal, Cambridge. Find out about cost, timings and why it's more value for money.
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How to find your Cambridge Wedding Dress

Congratulations on getting engaged! Now, you’ve decided to start looking for your Cambridge wedding dress, but the problem is where to start. There are several wedding dress shops in Cambridge and surrounding areas ranging from luxury boutiques to high-street chains offering affordable gowns.

River Elliot Bridal Custom Made Blush Wedding Dress

However, if you’re looking for a Cambridge wedding dress then you may want to consider visiting your local dressmaker or professional designer to see just how affordable a custom-made gown is. Often, brides are surprised to find out that a custom made wedding dress won’t break the bank, discovering that some prices are just as competitive with Cambridge wedding dresses in boutiques.
For example, price all depends on what you want. In the same way that you walk into a Cambridge wedding dress shop looking for high-quality silk and embellishments, you will tell your designer the type of fabric and texture that you’d like. You may want your wedding dress to have a vast amount of ‘bling’ be it pearls, beads or sequins, or you may want plain high-quality silk. The Cambridge wedding dress shop will select the range of styles that meet your requirements, while the Cambridge designer or dressmaker will go that bit further – sketching designs and showing you a variety of fabric swatches. With a designer, the world is your oyster, whereas with a Cambridge wedding dress shop you are limited to what designs and brands they have in stock.

So, how much does a bespoke Cambridge wedding dress cost?

An average starting point for a fully bespoke wedding dress may fall somewhere between £1200-1600 plus materials. Dressmakers and designers typically list their costs like this because bridal fabrics vary so much in price that it’s impossible to give an an approximate cost for materials. How to look for a Cambridge dressmaker If you’re looking for a Cambridge wedding dress and would like to consider a designer or dressmaker instead of a Cambridge wedding dress shop then it’s best to start on Google. A professional dressmaker with a good business will have a working website giving you information and examples of his/her work. You should be able to search for Cambridge wedding dress and find all the dressmakers in that area as well as reviews and testimonials about their work. You can also search on popular wedding blogs such as Rock My Wedding. Blogs such as this typically have helpful directories listing suppliers that come highly recommended.

Will it take long to make my wedding dress?


This is a big concern amongst brides who are unfamiliar with the custom made process. However, the time lines are not that different to a Cambridge wedding dress shop and also depend on various factors. For example, a Cambridge wedding dress shop may advise you to start shopping for your wedding dress 12-18 months before your wedding day. Once you have found your dress in a Cambridge wedding dress shop, they may tell you it will take up to 20 weeks to be delivered to the shop. In comparison, most bridal dressmakers ask for a lead time of at least 3-6 months, sometimes longer depending on the complexity of the style and design. This timeframe is so that the dressmaker can plan a realistic production schedule leading up to his/her clients’ weddings, as they will no doubt have several brides booked at any one time. Furthermore, a bridal designer may have to wait for specific fabric to be made or restocked with their supplier. And, most importantly, your wedding dress is being especially for you so it will avoid cheap, fast factory production.
If you’d like to understand more about the custom made process, please read my popular blog post called All Your Questions Answered About Bespoke Wedding Dresses. 
I hope that helps answer your questions about bespoke wedding dresses. If there’s anything more you’d like to know, please leave a comment. To check out some examples of bespoke wedding and bridesmaids dresses, please visit my gallery.

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